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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Santiago... Ahhh...

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I arrived in Santiago a few hours ago... This city is vibrant. Alive. This would be a good place to live and die. For now, I am just visiting and having some coffee.

I got the photos from London uploaded. So check it out by clicking on the badge in the sidebar, or you can view a slideshow of the photos here.

Thanks Jacob and Tania for putting me up here in Santiago. More on that later...

WorldCup tonight! US vs Ghana! ole ole ole!


Anonymous Tommy said...

Cool photos man! Have fun! Keep a running tab on $$ spent on starbucks across the pond!

22/6/06 21:00

Anonymous Stacy said...

Beautiful!! I hope that these 2 weeks are a blast for you before you hit the trail in Moscow!!!

Miss you soooo much. You are always in our prayers.

we love you...Roger and Stacy

22/6/06 21:20

Anonymous GRAYYYY said...

wow! I am so excited for you that you are finally actually on the way to Russia! It is going to be such a fruitful time for you and I can't wait to get the updates. You're in my prayers daily... Also, I just need to add that I was confused as to why you were obsessing over starbucks the way you are.. and then I remembered that you worked there.. ha! okay.. bye

23/6/06 01:29

Anonymous IJWsMommy said...

I called to the boys, "Come look at some pictures that Chris sent from London!" Isaac said, "Ooo! Is that where Wendy, John and Michael live? And the Narnia kids, too!"

So...if you could get autographs from any of those guys...


P.S. Wendy, John and Michael are the kids from Peter Pan, in case you didn't know...

23/6/06 02:38

Anonymous Helena said...

I read which books you are reading... I must say Rob Bell is amazing I hope you like it. BTW i really like the pic of your shoes, that should go on myspace, i mean after all it does have "the angles" :)

23/6/06 03:41


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