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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


:: Moscow State University ::
So I'm here. I finally got some pictures uploaded here. Flickr caps off at 200 photos... (I am still unsure, but... I think that they simply archive them?), so I will keep uploading my newer photos... But my older ones will be going to Flickr Heaven. That is, unless someone wants to gift me with a Flickr Pro account... :) (my username is chrismwarren@gmail.com)

I am getting settled into my apartment on the sixth floor, near the Kon'Kovo Station of the Metro on the Orange Line. Its a pretty old apartment that a couple of missionary guys have been living in, one recently went home for good, and one is home for the summer. We have the place to ourselves (Brad and Myself).

Its almost 1:30 here... So I need sleep... Tonight Anton (find him in the pictures), is staying at our apartment, we have had a good time checking out music together and teaching each other new words in our native languages.

Good night friends.


Blogger PJ said...

Glad to hear that you finally got there. I am praying for you.

12/7/06 01:50

Blogger Nys said...

YAY! Your "home"! That was like what....a 4 DAY flight! ha ha The pilot must've gotten lost! Just kidding!

12/7/06 06:38

Anonymous Stacy said...

Dude!!! Geez we miss you back here!!! So glad that you are finally settled and getting in to the swing of things in your new 'home'.
Thought you would like the way God works. I was afraid that I would not being praying for you enough or that I would forget...seems that every time I drink coffe here at the house, or make a stop at The Buck, you are in my head!! We know how often those 2 things happen, so you are in my thoughts and prayers LOTS!!
Putting a countdown on one of my entries setting January 21 as your return date. Yes, even though you have just left us, I look forward to your return!
As soon as you have a chance, send an email with a mailing address for us!

12/7/06 18:13

Anonymous Tommy said...

Awesome photos! Glad You made it. Jenny and I are praying for you daily. Have fun doing whatever God wants! Woot!

12/7/06 23:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Добро пожаловать в Москву!!!

27/7/06 02:15


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