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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sunset, at... 11:00pm

The View 2
:: The view from my apartment ::
A few more photos added. Check them out.

Below is the latest email update that I have sent out.

**the links in the email did not copy, most of link here or the photo page anyway.**

Hello Hello!

Greetings from Moscow!

I have had very little free time since arriving here in the city, we have had a whirlwind of people taking us for tours and helping us get around and get adjusted. Today we have had a bit of free time, so, I thought I would update you all.

I arrived here this past week, and have been getting settled into an apartment near the Orange Metro line. It is a nice, safe (relatively), reasonably clean and desirable area of Moscow. I am living with another summer intern, Brad. He is from Ohio, and will be working with us for about 6-8 weeks. The only problems so far are... there is no hot water in our apartment. Most apartments in Moscow go for a period of time in the summer without hot water, usually they are working on the pipes and the water systems. Also, our toilet leaks. Out of the tank... not the bowl, it seems to be an easy fix, if we ever get time to search for the part and replace it. :)

We did a bit of touristy type stuff yesterday and today, so there are photos on my Flickr page here. I also did a quick update on my blog last night. We will be going to the Kremlin and Red Square tomorrow morning.

Friday we will be flying to Samara, a city southeast of here (about 3 1/2 hours by plane), to put on a "wilderness camp." We will be living on an island with no electricity, no buildings, no modern - anything. Bathing in the river, sleeping in a tent... it should be pretty fun. :)

I have inherited a set of grandparents (so it feels like) Paul and Marti have been living here in Moscow for the past 6 years working with CBI and ASR pretty closely, they have been wonderful this past week with the three interns. Paul especially has helped us acclimate to the Metro and bus system that is essential for getting around. Marti will be sending out some specific prayer requests for Samara, so I will pass those along before we leave.

The team here is very very busy... and I promise that as soon as I figure out exactly who everyone is and what everyone is up to... I will send out a little bio of each person.

Prayer Requests:
- For Samara.
- The team (about 4-5 people) is considering taking a short term trip to Athens, Greece. I may be tagging along for that trip in early September.

Remember to check my blog for the latest updates. You can also subscribe to my RSS feed.

The latest photos are here.

Tell me - what is going on in your life?

Chris Warren



Blogger Trin said...

So if sunset is at 11pm, when is sunrise?!?

13/7/06 01:08

Blogger Chris said...

Too early for me to tell... the other night it seemed like it was getting to be light at 4am... then I fell asleep.


14/7/06 01:50

Anonymous Harvey said...

Looks as though you are enjoying yourself buddy. I hope that everything continues to go well for you and your group. Stay in touch and camera clicking.

25/7/06 11:06


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