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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Old City... Photo tour...

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I loaded a bunch more photos...

Last night was a huge holiday... San Juan. I don't know all the reasons they celebrate, or what all the traditions are... But I can tell you this... People who enjoy nightlife know how to party... And here in Santiago de Compostela... They enjoy nightlife. Seriously... Bri (a summer intern here in SdC) and I were out late!! We had dinner at "Latino Bar," Matt's favorite place here in Santiago.

I took a bunch of pictures, and even a video or two last night, but I left my camera in my room... So I will have those up later. For now, enjoy the new additions of the old city. It is the historic part of the city. Terra Nova is right on the edge of the old city, and I am staying in a Hostel on the other edge. Hostal Linares.

Here is a typical day in Santiago...

Wake up and have breakfast... 9am - 12noon.
Do some stuff... 12noon - 3pm
Lunch and Siesta (seriously, stuff is closed)... 3pm - 5pm
Do some more stuff... 5pm - 9pm
Have dinner... 9pm-11pm
Hang out, have drinks and tapas... 11pm - ??

Ok, obviously... If you had a job... Or classes, you would have to fit those in some place. Shops close during siesta... But cafes/bars/restaurants stay open.

Spain won yesterday in El Mundial (the World Cup), so people here are pretty pumped.

** I make no claims to the spelling of things in Espanol. **


Anonymous Brandie said...

Spain sounds like a place definitly worth checking out! Glad you're having fun! How's the coffee?

24/6/06 20:02

Anonymous Nyssa said...

Well I see a reoccouring theme of doors and your shoes! ha-ha
Glad you are having fun! I LOVE looking at all the photos!!!

24/6/06 20:24

Anonymous Tommy said...

All I have to say is Grow Beard Grow!

27/6/06 13:17


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