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Monday, June 26, 2006

[S d C]ompostela: Tapas, San Juan, and Culture.

:: Santiago by Night ::
I added more photos here.

Photos of San Juan, repainting the cafe, and of the city last night while out for tapas.

Its great... You go to a bar/cafe here, and if they do tapas, you simply order a cold drink... Like a beer, glass of wine or something... And they bring you appetizers for free. So, you simply order a round... Eat the tapas, finish your drink... Then go on to another place and do it again.

We didn't actually eat dinner last night... Just did tapas. Fun fun.

Lazy day today... And a funny story. I was in the cafe this morning, on Skype talking to Helena, then after I finished, I just shut my laptop and left it out here on the laptop station. I was sitting up at the bar talking with people, and I looked back after a while and some dude was using my laptop to browse the internet. !!?? I started laughing and said... Jacob, look at that! We laughed about it for a second, and started talking about it. Well... His friend was up at the bar ordering a coffee. His friend went back and told him it was not a public computer. Well... By then, he was in the middle of ordering plane tickets! So, I let them finish... He probably used it for about 20 minutes all together... They were so apologetic and the friend kept thanking me and apologizing in Spanish. They ended up buying me a coffee... So hey... Maybe I should rent this laptop out for often eh? haha.

I started reading Bono: In conversation with Michka Assayas last night. Good stuff so far. Even just reading the Introduction and the foreword by Bono was incredible. Another book on my radar is The End of Poverty, by Jeffrey D. Sachs. Sachs has a proposed solution for ending poverty in our lifetime. I will try to steal it away from Jacob a bit while I am here and relay anything good I find.

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Anonymous Stacy said...

Miss you TONS!!!! The pictures are helping with the 'Chris Withdrawls'!!

Just saw a news spot this morning that said that a cup of coffee in Moscow was $5!!! What the heck!!!?? I would be broke!

Love you and miss you - the family all say hi!!!

27/6/06 20:16


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