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Monday, July 03, 2006

Subway Crash here in Spain

:: Valencia, Spain ::
In the time that I have spent in this country, I have come to love the people here. So, when I see a story like this... It breaks my heart. There was a subway crash here in Spain this afternoon, and over 30 people are dead... Some people have speculated up to 45. I'm relieved to hear that terrorism has been ruled out. According to CNN, a wheel broke on the subway train, the train then crashed into the wall of the tunnel, and the wall fell on the train. This accident could have been much much worse, as many people were on the way home for lunch, and it occurred near a busy station.

A few people have emailed me and asked if I am ok... Yes. I am nowhere near Valencia, I am located on the west (Atlantic) coast of Spain, and Valencia is on the east (Mediterranean) coast.

The Pope was scheduled to visit Valencia this coming weekend. I hope that this accident does not scare anyone away from going to Valencia to visit The Pope. More then ever, we need to pray for these people.

Terra Nova
:: Terra Nova ::
Many Spaniards simply do not think about religion at all. The little they have been exposed to is either a) an ineffective and stagnant Catholic Church, or b) a scary, cult-like evangelical smothering. They do not count it as important. Especially the young generation. That is why places like Cafe Terra Nova are such important meeting and connection places here in this culture. Please pray for the cafe here. They are struggling to survive in a very competitive environment, they want more then ever to remain open, and they would love to see this happen simply by being more profitable. €There is a sea of unexpected business complications that have continued to plague the cafe, they are getting more treacherous to negotiate. Pray for Spain.


Anonymous Nyssa said...

I'm glad to hear that you are okay!!! I'm one of the few who emailed you...Spain is big (or it's becuase I am clueless ab the geography) so I had to make sure!!

4/7/06 06:30

Blogger Bri said...

yodel chris. so first things first....sorry for not giving you a ring last night. didnt get home til almost 1-30 and i was out of it. so i ran up to the cafe this morning early hoping to say adios real quick...to hear you departed early. lo siento amigo. i hope your time in london is exciting. sleep. enjoy. and i pray your trip in russia is rewarding. a pleasure to have met you sir. chow. (haha, i know you dont spell it like that, but i dont know the correct way either)

5/7/06 14:38

Blogger Nys said...

Are you in Russia yet? Or still in Spain?

6/7/06 07:07

Anonymous Jacob said...

He's on his way! I dropped him off at the airport yesterday AM here in SDC, Spain. That means he was in London last night and boarding a flight to Russia this PM...

Chris --- we are praying for you!! Godspeed, dios le ven diga y bein viajes!

Did you see the game last night!! Portugal should of won...the played way better than the french! peace..

6/7/06 17:27

Blogger Matthew said...

Hey Chris,

It was great meeting you! Thanks for stopping by Spain and hanging out with us. I pray God´s blessings on your time in Russia and your future endeavors and look forward to your next visit to Spain!

7/7/06 11:46


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