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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

G6 -- Russians serving in Athens!

Our Team
I will be running the team blog for our Athens trip this upcoming week, so I will probably be on hiatus from my own. Below is an excerpt from the first entry. Check it out, www.g6russia.blogspot.com. Oh, and we like comments!

Step One: Bring a team together!

Ok, so if you are planning a short term missions trip, this isn't actually the first step. But, for our team, this is the first step of our journey to Athens, Greece.

International Teams: Russia is officially active!

Each member of this team has a unique story of how and why they are involved in this trip. God has given us His provision in finances and time. The Russian's visas were approved on Friday.

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Anonymous Jenn said...

Reading the updates about your time in Athens is uplifting. You're doing great work there--and it will carry on longer than you will ever know.

6/9/06 08:51

Blogger Nys said...

Okay, so I went there to go read ab your (all of the group's adventures) and they are written in Russian, and I know NO Russian...so I hope you are well and save....

8/9/06 04:23


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