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Monday, September 11, 2006


Here is an expert from a response I am writing to my experiences the last few weeks in Greece. Also, the photo is my attempt at an artistic response. Feedback is always appreciated. Leave a comment, or send me a note chrismwarren@gmail.com.

How do I begin to describe the way I was feeling as the two '‘guards'’ we had upset was yelling at Jennifer and ignoring me? One of these pimps was extremely upset and was looking for a reason to physically get rid of us. I couldnÂ't understand a word of the Greek, and yet, we had prayed for protection, and I felt a peace that I can'’t fully explain. Just as I thought things might get really dangerous, the other pimp simply asked us guys to stand at the end of the block while the girls continued, and he calmed his friend down.

Welcome to Felis Street in downtown Athens Greece. Bare white light bulbs serve to distinguish regular apartments from those that are used as legal brothels. Dozens of men mill in and out of the doorways in the following 15 minutes. Some are clients who are done with their transactions, some are window shopping, and some are looking for the shortest line. The street is really busy for a Monday night. I count 11 white lights, and 15 doorways that these men are coming and going from as I observe from my vantage point at the corner near a gas station that is closed.

Download the above image as your wallpaper (1024x768) from Flickr.

There are a few other photos up at IT Russia's Flickr page as well.

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Anonymous Tommy said...

Man.... sounds dangerous! Good to know how awesome GOD is. He continually answers my prayers of safety for you and the IT. Jenny and I will continue to pray. Oh and try not to upset any more Pimps. Peace!

11/9/06 09:58

Anonymous jacob said...

your the man! Keep your eyes open and you heart in a position of vulnerability, let God level you with is immense compassion for the world and his passion for justice. Feel it, see it, and let it transform you...

11/9/06 11:59

Blogger Helena Finch said...

I thank God, whom I serve, as my forefathers did, with a clear conscience, as night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers.
2 Timothy 1:3

18/9/06 00:13

Blogger lauren michelle said...

Chris, good to meet you vicariously through blogs, and now myspace. I'm enjoying reading back through your blogs over the past weeks.

19/9/06 04:58

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Hey, i havent said 'hi' in awhile, so i figured i'd drop you a line. it sounds like things are going well/pretty interesting. its fun to read your blogs and try to picture what youve been up to and how things have been. i am here in tucson and trying to gain my barings around this town. its not like i imagined it or even the attitude i had about it 5 months ago when i came to visit, but it is and will be good. take care, prayin for ya.

19/9/06 08:06


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