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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spoke too soon...

:: Market Bombing ::
** POST UPDATE 23-08-06 2240 ** Here is a CNN.com update on the bombing. **

So, I sent an email home to my mom yesterday, and while I was writing the draft of the email, I had written, "Don't worry about me, all the terrorists are in London and Lebanon."

After I completed the letter, I decided to delete that sentace from the email, and instead just left: "I've been away at camp, but I am fine."

Indeed it is good that I removed the sentance about terrorists. Just hours after sending the message, I was on CNN.com and found breaking news of a market bombing that killed 10... Right here in Moscow. Terrorism was now being considered at the time that I read the artice, it seemed they were leaning more towards oragnized crime. Three people have now confessed to the bombing and are in custody.

Syomin said Tikhomirov and Kostyrev had agreed to carry out a bomb attack at the market “because there [were] too many people of Asian backgrounds, whom they intensely disliked.”

Now, tonight, again with CNN I am reading about breaking news that has killed 170+ people. A Russian ariliner enroute to St. Petersburg has crashed in the Ukraine [here is a map], there are expected to be no survivors. They are ruling out terrorism, and instead blaming poor weather, and old equipment. The plane was though to be carrying 45 children/teens.

I don't have a response to this. I'm still shocked. This is the 3rd air crash this year involving soviet-era aircraft (2 Russian airlines, one Armenian airliner). In every crash, all passangers and crew have been lost.

I am lost for words.

Articles: CNN.com bombing report
MosNews.com bombing confession
MosNews.com bombing report
CNN.com airliner report
Anti-Terror rally in Moscow today.
Interfax.com airliner blurb.
Interfax.com: 45 children, teens.
Update on the bombing from CNN.com

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Anonymous Jacob said...

hey dude, just wanted to say what's up? Glad to here you are still kickin. Thinking about you today in Santiago. Matt sketched out some future plans for the team and you made the "dream team" list. How about that!! Matt thought you were swell!

Anyway thought I would just pump the ego a bit.


23/8/06 22:35

Anonymous Tommy said...

Hey Man! Be careful over there. Keep an eye out for suspicious people in Moscow, you know like you were trained... ahem... Be safe. You are in our prayers!

24/8/06 08:03

Anonymous Stacy said...

It's funny, but I worry about you more in Greece than I do when you are in Russia...go figure!

I, too, have been at a loss for words on the plane crash. I'm just praying for the families of those who were lost.

The girls will be here on Monday night - 2 Tucson newbies! PJ started Pima yesterday and a new job last week. Life is still the same, but not as good without you here!

Miss you, kiddo!

24/8/06 17:14


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