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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Using mobile phones for smarter things.

No, I don't mean smart phones.

I mean... More capabilities though. But, I don't mean in the way of desktop-esque apps, and improved mail capabilities.

I mean... Get with the times.

Check out this article about how McDonald's is teaming up with DoCoMo for improved usage in Japan.

Pay for your Big Mac from your phone. Or, board a train using a barcode stored into your phone. !! Get with the times America!! Quit with the social networking crap (although, I know it makes money), and give me something a bit more useful then MySpace on my phone. ┬║Retch┬║


In other news. Today is my last day at Cafe Terra Nova, it is in fact... The last day under our [IT] ownership. The documents have been signed, and the money has changed hands. I close up in an hour, and that is all she wrote.

Jake (HT: Matt via the Terra Nova Blog) has some pics up.

Thanks for playin.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make me worried. What is going on in that huge hear of yours? I read your blogs and I dont sense any joy. Is it there? Do you feel loved?
Check out lifewithoutlimbs dot org, watch his videos. Stupid cellphones lose all importance when all you see is God's grace that makes you cry cry cry...

28/2/07 05:48


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