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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Road home
:: gone ::
I left Santiago this morning.

I flew to Liverpool. Where I proceeded to board bus number 500 which took me directly to Lime Street Station. I met a nice old lady named Stella who served as a tour guide while I was on my way. She even got me oriented in the right direction at the train station.

I boarded the 12:15 with Burger King to go... just in time to depart for London. I slept most of the way.

I am settled into my hostel for the evening. Going to go have a beer, and try and catch part of the football match between Liverpool and Barcelona tonight.

Ok. 2 Minutes left at the internet cafe. See you soon loved ones. Goodbye to those in Santiago whom I didn't see before departing. I will see you soon too.



Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Safe travels, Chris. I will pray for direction once you get back. Look forward to talking to you at some point. Take care.

6/3/07 23:27

Blogger betty said...

¡Buen viaje amigo! Ha sido un placer conocerte. Espero verte alguna vez más; Bicos

6/3/07 23:59

Anonymous jacobo said...

dude, glad you made to London.. I trust by now your home.. maybe?

Who won the game! Maybe you should have hung around liverpool and bought a ticket... that would have been fun. Posted about you at 4pererinos today. It raining on and off here.

Cheers man. Let us know how settling back into life feels.

7/3/07 15:45

Blogger Amanda C said...

Don't get too settled yet. Come visit Seattle. Theologians, beer, coffee, and friends abound. Life stories abound.

Come experience.

9/3/07 09:58

Blogger Monique said...

When am I gonna get to see you? You've been home for a while and I've only seen you once!

23/3/07 01:12


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