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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Work, Eat, Sleep... Holy Cow, Russia is next week...

Ok, not quite next week, but it is getting closer.

16 Days and I leave for Russia.

So many people have asked... "really? and you'll be back when, a year?"

I am NOT leaving for a year this trip. This trip is only two weeks. I kinda wish I was going to be gone for a year though...

Things have been really crazy at work. The hours have gone down, but, my stress level has gone way up. There are a few factors that add to this, one of the major ones being that I am the only person I trust to get the job done right. Blah. Things are getting better, and everything better be resolved before I leave for Russia... Otherwise, the time that I am gone from KK will be a nightmare for some people.

We had an early Christmas with some of my grandparents this past Sunday and they got me a jacket that I was needing before I could brave the cold in Moscow. I love you guys! I am trying to figure out what everyone else is getting me, so I know what I have and what I need...

My last class of RUS 101 was today. I got an A. My teacher told me that I have to sign up for next semester. Why haven't I you ask? I'm glad you asked...

My Dad got a new job, for those of you that know him, he has worked for Family Life Communications for the past 10 years. He has been searching on and off for about the last two years. Well, last month when he was searching, he got a call back after e-mailing a company in Phoenix his resume. There was a multi-stage interview, they liked my Dad, and they impressed my Dad as well. My Dad starts his new job in Phoenix on Jan 3rd. That is the problem however... Phoenix is 99 miles away. There is a good chance that they will not sell this house until March, when his 3 month 'probation' period is up, but, they might sell before that if they need to. This would leave me without a place to live when I return from Moscow. There are a few other details that are presenting themselves to me that are still in the early stages that are making decisions regarding where I want to live a little more complicated as well.

I really don't want to leave Tucson, but I wouldn't mind living in a bigger city, but separate from all of that... there may be opportunity for me in Dallas again... Please pray for guidance. There is a plan that I think is the best, but, when did my logic ever work out to be the best. If I was God, I would have smited Adam and Eve after they sinned and started over... I think I need to work on compassion a little... ;)

More on Russia>> My travel visa is in my hand. A few people have given a little bit of money to help with this trip, with that and my next paycheck, I will have enough to cover the expenses of the trip.

If you still feel led to give, please do so, any money that I do not use on this trip can be directly applied to future trips, including my year long adventure. There is an account set up for me through my home church.

New Life Baptist Fellowship
1440 W Prince Rd
Tucson AZ 85705

Please enclose a note, or a memo on the check that says "Chris Warren Missions"
You will be sent a tax receipt for any gift you send.

Prayer>> Please pray for guidance in the coming weeks and months.
>>Please pray for the political situation in the Ukraine, there is a general strike and unrest in that part of the world. Whatever happens in Ukraine directly affects Russia.
>>Please pray that I am prepared, both in language and in spirit, for this upcoming trip.
>>The rest of the team, as they prepare to travel and reach out to people in need.

I know I haven't updated in a while... but, I still love you guys.

Today, tell someone about my site. :)


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