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Saturday, April 01, 2006

No meat on Friday's, thanks Lent.

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I added more photos to my Flickr page. I did not snap a single photo today. We didn't do much. Woke up late, like 11ish... then played Battlefield for a couple of hours, went to Sam's Club and bought a bazillion dollars worth of stuff, came back and put on a dinner for the apartment complex here where Carl and Ashley live. They are part of a CARES Team, which is basically a Christian outreach organization that works with apartment complexes. A Cares team will run a number of events a month to encourage community involvement, and in exchange, they live free at the complex. Carl and Ash usually do one breakfast and one dinner a month, and run several kids clubs (including Halo Club) once a week. They also do one to two special events a month. This past month, they did soap making, which was crazy popular. They did that event several weeks ago and last night at the dinner, people were still talking about it (and asking for another demonstration).

'You're So Vain'
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After that Carl and I hooked up with Mike and Pat for a guys night. We went to Uptown Billiards here in Flag, and shot a couple of games. We stopped off at Granny's Closet for a late dinner/snack, then made it over to the Harkin's Theater in time for Inside Man at 10:45pm. The film was pretty good. I have mixed emotions about the film as a whole, and especially what happens. In traditional Chris style, I will not reveal any plot twists, but the film itself presents several moral dilemmas to ponder. It is worth seeing.


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