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Monday, May 08, 2006

Goodbye Desert.

God is amazing.

As of today. Sunday May 7th 2006. I am +100% of my required budget for six months and have begun the visa application process.

If you are keeping score, God moved from "I'll go when I have the money." to "I am leaving mid to late June." in about 30 days.

Incredible. This has truly been amazing, and I haven't even left Tucson Arizona yet.

Please pray that money continues to come in so that I may minister as long as possible in Russia. Also, I will be purchasing plane tickets this week and should have a departure date written in (sand)stone soon. Pray for the travel visa, I will be cutting it close for processing time. They will have my passport for part of this process (the part at the end) and I obviously can't leave the country without that. So, if they decide to take a while... I could stay past my expected departure date.

If you have tried to sign up on the elist over on the left, I had to reconfigure some things, I am still working out all the bugs. It worked fine, but there was not an auto responder set up... So I was manually sending out the confirmations... Which was fine... But time consuming.

I think it is configured properly now, but, it will take time to reload on the server side, so if you do not receive a confirmation in just a few minutes (up to 30 minutes), then try again tomorrow... :D

It is still not configured correctly... I will send you a note within 24 hours if you sign up, because I love you. -Chris

You can always send me a note here too. chrismwarren at gmail dot com.


Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Oh my goodness! im so excited for you! Congrats! Isnt God great? when you least expect things to turn around--He surprises you. I was listening to the song that says "...never underestimate my Jesus..." today and it applies to so much. Im prayin for ya.

8/5/06 09:59

Blogger Monique said...

Thanks for sticking by me tonight....it helped me feel less akward. Haha, kinda.

8/5/06 11:33


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