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Friday, April 07, 2006

The best dental visit ever. E-V-E-R

::Prescription tooth paste? ::
So, I had my dental appointment today... This time, I was there 10 minutes early... Not late...

I was so nervous, not because its the dentist, because I have never really been afraid of the dentist, but because its been so long since I have been. I was so afraid that the dentist (who I only spoke with for like 2 minutes, and that was it), was going to yell at me, tell me I have 5,000 cavities, that I needed to floss, brush more, you know, the whole routine.

He didn't. The hygienist who did my cleaning, and most of the checking out of my mouth said I have good teeth, that they weren't as bad as she thought they would be. I have a tiny chip on one of my front teeth, and thus the prescription for PreviDent. It should help heal that up a bit, and "will keep you from getting cavities." I don't have any cavities now, so I must be doing something right. The Doc even said that I don't even need to have my wisdom teeth removed. Ha!

So, that was pretty much it. I left with a new toothbrush and a prescription toothpaste... Crazy... It was the best dental visit I have ever had. Ever.


Anonymous Nys said...

That's a hoot that you LOVED going...finally, I am not the only one who doesn't shake in their shoes going in.
You were EARLY?! Whoa...the apocolypse is upon us now!

7/4/06 02:36

Blogger Monique said...

Sure, just brag about your perfect wisdom teeth that came in right! I have to have 8 teeth pulled soon.

7/4/06 03:21

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

I'm sooo jealous! My wisdom teeth are coming in and i should have had them out years ago! I dont go to the dentist because i dont have dental insurance... however, when i move to Tucson, i should be getting some and then that will be scary!!!

Congrats on your great appt!

7/4/06 05:05

Anonymous Tommy said...

My wisdom teeth came in fine too, due mostly to my gianormous mouth. HA.
Anyways..... Have fun with your healthy teeth and no cavaties!

8/4/06 12:45


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