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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Real Community?

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Prompted by an article in the latest Relevant magazine... I was wondering today... What real community is? What does it look like? What does it feel like? How does it manifest itself? What do you need to do to be part of a community? What does it take? What does it give?

I am wondering, and I will talk about it more soon, but I wanted to give you a chance to tell me what you think. Leave some comments and let me know.


Blogger Amanda C said...

Geeze, talk about a hefty question. I'd conceptualize a community as a group amongst whom you have no pretense to guard yourself, or your ideas...ideas especially. I've taken the interpretation to a pretty intimate level, but I'm fairly convinced that the community I'm a part of at Apostles is exactly something as intimate as I described. It's knowing and being known in a completely reciprocal manner. I've been fortunate enough to find a church that allows for strong communal bonds to form, it's encouraged, in fact. We have a lot of intentional living communities, which makes for really great dynamics and conversations.

19/4/06 04:57

Anonymous Shawn said...

sheesh Chris, why do you never ponder anything deep?

I'd say real community is an intimate group of friends longing to grow old together while holding each other accountable to their own life dreams and pursuits. For believers, there's also an element of keeping those dreams aligned to God. As far as what that looks like, I'd say friends you can love and be loved by, cry before and cry for, criticize and accept criticism from... people for you don't mind getting woken with a 2am phone call, people you will reschedule your entire week for because they need an hour of your time, people for who you would give up lunch for a week because they couldn't afford dinner tonight.

19/4/06 10:04

Anonymous Stacy said...

You think too much kiddo! I think community comes in different levels. I live in a community, but I am not intimate with any of them. I have a community of friends and family (of which you are one) and I have an intimate relationship with each of those people. In both of these 'communities' needs are met according to their function.

My personal community is to me my 'safe haven' The place where I can say anything and not be condemned, but I will also be held acccountable. I know that I am loved beyond measure, and respected as weel. As are all of the others in my community. It is a living, breathing thing. When one hurts, all hurt and when one rejoices all rejoice. If the 'toes' get stubbed...the whole body limps!

19/4/06 18:51

Blogger Worthy of Love said...

Ok, so i almost didnt leave a comment because i didnt want to be a downer or discouraging, but i figured it would bring a new perspective to your question.

I taught a sunday school class at the beginning of last summer on community. About how it is important for a different kind of growth that can only happen in community. I was coming off Ravencrest and lonely and having a hard time growing.

I tried to think back to the message i taught to give you some insight but i'm at a loss because i am back to the place i was when i first wrote it.

The different perspective on community is that it is needed. Without it, or without realizing you have it, apart of you gets locked in a closet and dusty.

What i think community is, are people to hold you up, and people that you can hold up. Kind of like two people facing eachother holding hands and leaning back, they are each pulling in opposite directions yet holding eachother up at the same time. People you can ask for help or that will realize you need the help and give it to you. People to grow with and discuss scripture with and earnestly pray for. The people you can be the most vulnerable with who can be vulnerable with you and still be safe.

i hope that helps.

20/4/06 02:49

Anonymous Nys said...

Mandie hit what I think community is!!!

20/4/06 04:43

Anonymous Jenn said...

There is a depth to this concept of community that is not easily defined, nor recognized, yet it is as simple as it is complex. There isn't a four step plan one follows and then suddenly has experienced true community. Real community, the community that is described in Acts, is something to be sought after by the heart. If the heart is not involved, then real community cannot be gained. Real community, true and healthy community, is everchanging. It never has one definite look or appearance. It's important for one to seek after simply because God designed us to be part of such an arrangement. God himself lived, and to this day experiences, community.

20/4/06 10:19

Blogger Chris said...

WOW! I was not expecting more then one lonely comment... Thanks for giving me a piece of your mind. The last few days have been pretty busy (stuff for Russia is finally coming together on a real level) but I do intend to answer this question with my own thoughts... but so far, I think your responses have been great!

21/4/06 06:34

Blogger PJ said...

You got me thinking about this, here are some of my own thoughts.

22/4/06 07:12


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