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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Latest on Russia

I know I have kept many of you in the dark in regards to Russia in the last two weeks or so. I apologize for that, I just didn't want to tell you one thing and have to retract my statements later.

Things are coming together fast. Realistically, I am looking at leaving within 6-8 weeks. If I can pick a date off a calendar, I would pick June 21st.

Budget: Thursday, I received updated budget information. For me to go for six months, my budget is roughly $8,400. My insurance information will change it a bit, but I won't know the final amount of that for a few more weeks. Plane tickets are still roughly $1,200. As of May 5th, I have $7,300 committed. That leaves $1,100 remaining to round out my budget for six months. I was also told Thursday, that I may not proceed in purchasing plane tickets until I have 100% of my budget pledged for. There are obvious reasons for this policy, however, if I am going to leave by mid-June... Its getting a bit close. It takes 6-8 weeks for Russian travel visa processing.

After waiting for as long as I have, a few weeks seems trivial. Please pray that I continue to have a peace about His timing. If you have thought about giving, now is the time to go ahead and do it, now is the time to push me over the mark so that I can be released to leave this summer and minister in Russia.

Keep praying guys, its working.

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Anonymous gray said...

Hey! That is so so SO exciting! I was wondering why you hadn't responded to my russia question via myspace and I'm glad to know you weren't ignoring me because you hate me or anything.. haha! Wow, this is big! I'm glad that I got to be there for the beginnings of this amazing vision that God has given you and I will continue to pray for you!

Ps. If I'm not on your elist (which I feel like I probably am) then please add me. I'll put you on mine for the program I'm doing this summer if you want??

6/5/06 19:17

Blogger Monique said...

I think I just joined the mailing list. The page stopped working (I have a bad signal in my room) so I had to reload the page and I don't know if it took. If it didn't let me know and I'll join again. Thanks

7/5/06 11:55

Anonymous Jacob said...

Check your email dog!!

7/5/06 13:34


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