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Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Life Russian Tea, 7pm.

Okay... Okay... I know, this should have been up sooner, but it wasn't. I'm sorry.

Tonight, the New Life Russian Tea is still happening. The reason that I have not posted about it is because I was short of the details.

Tonight. 7pm. Cindy Peterson's house. I know she has contact most of the people who were interested in coming. However, if you are in Tucson and would like to join us, please feel free to drop by. Where is the house you ask? I have no idea.

I hope to have directions by the time I am off of work... So leave me a message on my cell phone if you would like to drop by and when I know, I will call you. My phone is 214-228-1001.

My official last day at Starbucks is June 14th, so if you need a coffee fix and want to see me, you best do it before then. I work today, then not again until Wednesday (Thanks Sherie!) but, then I work everyday Wed - Sun mostly closing shifts next week. Yay.

So call me (or Cindy, if you have her number), and please come tonight. Thanks.


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