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Friday, July 28, 2006

Israel and Lebanon

 Isreal and Hezbollah
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How do you respond to a conflict like this? How do you rationalize the loss of human life? How do you deal with state-sanctioned terrorists? How do you bomb buildings and cities? How do you call women and children 'collateral damage?' How do you face God after committing such atrocities?

I am at a loss of how to respond to war. I know how I felt when the US went to war in Afghanistan, and how I felt when we send our troops to Iraq to topple a dictator. But, several years on... I am at a loss of how to justify any loss of life. Where do you draw the border line on defense?

I think it is much easier to be a safe American and to think about war, then it is to be outside of our borders and to think about war.

Paul Hindalong made a comment that struck me last week while I was at camp. He is a bit older, and so its a bit more fresh for him. But he said... "And to think, these were the people we had our missiles pointed at just a few years ago."

He was referring to the missile crisis of the 1960's, when the US and Russia faced off in a 'cold war.' I'm glad that we never actually went to war, I'm glad that [apart from 9/11] we haven't had American cities razed by bombs. I'm glad that growing up I never had to do bomb shelter drills.

But, my heart cries out for those in Lebanon and in Israel. My heart cries out for loss of life in the Gaza Strip.

How are you responding? What do you think about this? How do Christians react in the face of war?

CNN Recap article here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

About death: Death is real, unevitable, and an extention to life. Death is not the end, but the beginning of the afterlife. We were made to live, to die.

About war: Militancy is built into the human being. There is a time for peace, there is a time for war. God gave man the ability to love, and the ability to hate. A just war is to be avoided. An unjust war is an evil act.

About Justice: God knows what we do. Judgement Day is true. There is heaven, and there is hell. Every human being will see his/her deeds in full.

God is Great. I enjoyed reading and replying to your passionate post. Thanks.

28/7/06 00:42

Anonymous uri chachick said...

i hate the war. i can't rationalize a loss off human lives but i can say that its both sides problem.
i live near tel-aviv and also my life has'nt turned up side down because of this war, it does influence me.
i do believe israel was forced to this war and that the hezbollah has to surrender in order for this war to end. i do believe that when we fire into populated areas (after warning them off course) we do it because we have no other way. and i do believe that if there was anyway to do it without cassualties, we would have chosen that way.

28/7/06 01:07

Anonymous Jacob said...

It's easy to feel as if God is great for most Westerners, but it must be hell on earth to live in many parts of the middle east right now.

on the day of judgement I wonder how God will connect the dots between evil nation deeds and individuals who reside in those nations?? We are all connected and we are all responsible...

..but the voice of Christians must condemn the violence on both sides of this latest conflict.

Sojourners online magazine has helped me see why. There more here at 4peregrinos.com

29/7/06 13:34

Anonymous Brandie said...

I agree with Jacob - as Christians we should not be supporting the violent actions of either country. It is so hard for me to understand how killing anyone can lead to success or victory or whatever it's called when you "win" a war.

I am a news junkie, but I have hardley been reading anything lately because hearing about this war makes me feel sick to my stomach. I am also a "fixer." I like to do activities that help situations and I feel that there is nothing I can do here. I can talk about how sad it is and advocate in my own community for peace and tolerance, but is any of that going to get to people who really need it? I guess the answer, as passive as it seems, is to continue to pray and leave it to God.

31/7/06 22:16


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