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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Back in Moscow

Metro Fun
:: Chris, Anton, and Yulia ::
**POST UPDATE: 07AUG2006@0217**
Actually, it looks like everything will load swimmingly. Cheers!**

**POST UPDATE: 07AUG2006@0210**
I finished getting the pictures of Ruza together, but I think my webalbum will run out of room before the upload is complete. View what uploads here.**

Brad and I left for Rusa last Saturday, and we got back late Thursday night. We took Anton to camp with us this week, and a girl from Paridigma (Yulia) also ended up joining us at the camp this past week. It was a pretty good camp, I think it was hard on Yulia, she was put in charge of all the girls over 10 years of age. The camp was run by a small church in Rusa, very cool people.

We went to dinner and a movie (in English!!) tonight with Anton and Yulia here in Moscow. We ate at a TGI Friday's and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 in English on New Arbat Street tonight, we had a great time out. Its late, and I'm tired... But I promise that tomorrow morning I will finish up the captions and have the batch loaded up. I will post an update then. :P

I uploaded a small sampling of the pics from Rusa, and a few from tonight here on Flickr.

I will upload a whole batch (about 250 shots) onto my Picasa Web Album, as soon as I get all of the captions edited.

Thanks for the comments about Israel and Lebanon. It has been hard for me to be out of the loop (literally, with no power at a tent camp) all week, knowing that this is going on. I will write more response later too.

--Stacy, I'm glad you are back safe and enjoying your new job. Nice jorb eh!

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