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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Natisk Summer Camp 2006


I leave in just a few hours for our Natisk Summer camp... and I still need to pack.

But! I wanted to let you know that I sent out a new eList update.

If you have been following the blog, there isn't much new info in it, but you can still view it here!

Ok, I need to make sure I have clean underwear... oh, and pray that my shorts dry in time too! We don't have a dryer, just a litte 8" fan!

See you next Sunday, the 20th!



Blogger Monique said...

Happy Birthday!!!

14/8/06 01:57

Blogger Nys said...

HEEEEY! Where are you!? I haven't heard in anything in awhile; I'm guessing it's from camp, 'eh?

20/8/06 09:10


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