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Monday, August 07, 2006


Israel Lebanon Conflict
:: IDF Strikes ::
This is what I have been pondering lately.

→ What exatcly did God do during creation? Well obviously, He created, but here is one specific question... [from PJ's Blog]

→ What is happening in Sri Lanka that everyone is so upset about? [via CNN.com]

→ Being culturly relevant, and what does that mean anyway? [releveantmagazine.com]

→ Greece. [Previous post here]

→ Eden (not the garden), congrats friends. [Matt's newest addition]

→ Where did Steve and Josh go? [SCP.com]

→ Man, I need some more podcasts, what are you listening to? [leave me a comment below.]

→ Way to go Landis, you really make winning look good. [via CNN.com]

But, this is what I think about most lately...

→ Israel and Lebanon. [wikipedia recap here]

→ Its on the front page of any news website that you will go too. [pictures on bbc.co.uk]

→ President Bush hasn't even called the Israeli Prime Minister. [via CNN.com, but, I can't find the article again... very strange.]

→ The UN could take 'a few days' to come to a decision about a proposed cease fire. [way to be Condy.]

→ Almost 900,000 people have been displaced. 700 Lebanese Civilians have been killed. 2,700 have been wounded. 95 Israeli's have been killed, about half are civilians. The IDF claims to have killed 'approxitmatley 400' Hezbollah fighters, which Hezbollah fiercley disputes. [stats updated via wikipedia]

→ How do you live life with bombs dropping around you? You don't live life, you try your best to survive. ['life on hold' via bbc.co.uk]

I can't sleep. Becuase I am thinking too much.

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Blogger PJ said...

Podcasts I am listening to Ask A Ninja , Blue Man Group Video Podcast, Dane Cook's Tourgasm, Don't Be That Guy, Hope Is Emo, Speaking In Tongues, The Onion Radio News. Hope that helps some.

7/8/06 08:01

Blogger Chris said...

... ooh, Ask a Ninja is funny... I haven't been there in a while, thanks for the reminder!

7/8/06 11:18

Blogger Steve said...

We're here.... writing more and talking less for me.... at the moment.

We are about to unleash a new format and reinvent ourselves. Kind of like Madonna but without the pointy bra thing...

How's Russia? Drop us a line. Adios.

11/8/06 07:54


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