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Friday, January 27, 2006

Emergent... and what that means?

I am attracted to the Emergent Church.

I openly admit that.

But, sometimes, I am lost in the vocabulary.
Sometimes, I am lost in the intellectualness.
Sometimes, I am lost in the spirituality.

But, that is ok to me. Not the fact that I am lost, the fact that I am searching.

My friend Jacob Bailey recently got to sit down with Brian McLaren, and some other Emergent people, and other smart religious types. You can read a little about his experience here.

Join the emergent conversation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So I just got this message you left for me on pom poms cell phone, telling me to "go away and pick up sticks". Well I say that is GARBAGE sister. Having to put up with you is like having to put up with GARBAGE. I dont know where you get off, but its definitely not at the homestar station anymore. Looks like your riding the 7:30 alone train to alone-vil, making stops at ex-girlfriend junction, and west-breaking up with you. Oh, and you can keep the collectors plates!

29/1/06 18:27

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok... so after a second listining under the tutelage of pom poms keen ears, it appears that you were asking me to "go to ridge-way and pick up some heafty bags", not to "go away and pick up sticks" and now that I think about it, I dont really know what that would have ment even if you had said that. So best thing to do is to not scroll up and read the last message. That way we got nothing to worry about.

29/1/06 18:38

Blogger Chris said...

Wow... Homestar I didn't know you felt that way. But, I'll see you at the stadium at six.

29/1/06 21:36

Blogger Amanda C said...

I've many new thoughts on the EC. Which makes sense, considering I'm attending one. My take on things have changed significantly since the last time we talked about all of it. I'm curious to know your present opinions on things. Perhaps we'll have to hold a phone conversation sometime soon.

31/1/06 09:18


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