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Sunday, January 29, 2006

To the author(s)

hi, i'm anonymous


Anonymous said...

just because you suck at relationships doesn't mean that you can disregard the feelings of those who you hurt along the way

1:13 PM

Have I really disregarded the feelings of others by posting something that had meaning to me? I have not had a significant relationship in nearly a year and a half because I am afraid of what sort of pain that might cause to another. Does that sound like someone who disregards the feelings of others?

To the author of this comment: I'm glad that you are here to continue the conversation, in a sense, that is what blogging is all about. But, I am saddened to see that you chose to hide behind a veil of anonyminity. I had a pretty good idea of who posted the first comment, and I addressed it with them personally. Is that disregarding the feelings of those along the way? I should think not. I simply did it discretely because it is something between me and that person, and no one else need be involved. Please understand that I am not attacking you, but I would appreciate a chance to respond to a person, not some anonymous void.

Because there is no middle ground between anonymous and registered blogger.com users, anonymous commenting is staying for now, and because I am not one to censor blogs or comments (except in the case of spam, which I dispise), you do not need to fear your comments being removed or censored. But, I would ask that you take responsiblity for your words, just a name and an email address...

(And Ken, at lease write Homestar as your name in the comment box. You're killin me smalls)


Anonymous monique said...

i didn't know until recently that you get $100 for me starting at Starbucks. Cool. I start training next week. :)

1/2/06 08:51


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