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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Google's Gmail storage capacity for members is now 2.502 GB (I use about 2%, and I hardly throw away any messages)... that is 10 times what hotmail offers.

I am constantly amazed at the features that I stumble across, or that I finally take full advantage of... like the incoming mail filters... simple concept... if it is from a specific email address or domain, I label it a certain way (e.g. My Moscow Times Daily emails are always from 'themoscowtimes.com', so I have them labeled Moscow Times).

The filters allow for super quick searches, and with the new firefox gmail notifier, I can see if my new message is labeled a certain way. I have started to mark some of the junk mail that I receive from american airlines and orbitz as such, and so a quick peek at my notifier icon tells me that it is junk mail, and so I don't waste my time navigating my way away from the page I am currently viewing only to be disappointed that it is not quite spam, but not of any interest.

anyway... I love my Gmail. If you want an invite, leave a comment or send me a quick message. Accounts are free, and I won't make you do anything crazy to get one from me... but, if you want... you could donate to my missions fund!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Layout

In an effort to revamp this old beast, make it visually more appealing... and because I think the free templates that blogger offers are kinda lame, I have spend the better portion of the last week or so trying to understand html better, and tweaking a new design for my blog out.

I am pretty close to finishing it... and when it is done, I will be changing the look of this site for good... muwhahaha...

If you would like a sneak peak, check out st7.blogspot.com

*please note that the page does not load properly in Internet Explorer, but works great in Netscape and Firefox currently. I am working on making it compatible with IE.