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Sunday, October 29, 2006

First snow...

Efthimiou takes out the calculator to prove that if a vampire sucked one person's blood each month -- turning each victim into an equally hungry vampire -- after a couple of years there would be no people left, just vampires. He started his calculations with just one vampire and 537 million humans on January 1, 1600 and shows that the human population would be down to zero by July 1602.

[whole article here]
I never really liked Halloween... come to think of it, I don't really like holidays in general. There is probably a deeper underlying issue there to be discussed, but for now, we will let it lie. I never really liked Halloween. I would go out and score a huge bag full of candy, of that, I was never disappointed. But, then I would hoard the candy. I would never eat it all because I was too afraid that the candy would run out and I would have to wait until next year to get more of the orange and black candies.

Ah whatever. If you want a scary book to read... check out Dracula by Bram Stoker. It is the original, and its pretty scary... You can read a version online for free courtesy of Google here.

It snowed tonight. There is already about a 1/4" on the ground in some spots, and cold cars are coated. Last night it was sort of hailing/sleeting... I am really not up on my cold weather verbage coming from Southern Arizona. All I know is that last night wasn't real snow flakes, they were more ball shaped, but tonight, it was full blown flakes. Heaven help me.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Man, I stink at updating!

These people don't though... they are cool!

NorthBridge Blog.
Stacie's Blog.

I like bowling.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow, NorthBridge! Check um out yo.

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Cool things happening with the NorthBridge Group here in Moscow, we leave later today for Voronezh. Check out the Team's blog for more info and updates on that!

We are riding "Plot's Cart" by train, its an overnight trip... Plot's Cart is the cheap ticket on the train. 53 people to a wagon, 2 bathrooms to a wagon, 0 doors to a wagon... Yeah... That is right... Its all open. Truly a cultural experience, I am excited to be tagging along with the team.

Once again, keep checking out the NorthBridge Blog! They are getting a massive amount of hits, so represent Tucson on their stat tracker by visiting them!

We're in Voronezh for a youth pastor training (Perspectiva), pray that the people coming to the training will be ready to soak up the information.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Health Update.

Hmm... Sorry, I haven't updated sooner. About that whole incident involving me fainting on a bus last week.

I am ok.

I did not go to the doctor, because, I really feel fine. I felt fine until about 90 seconds before I passed out too. So, we are just being careful. I am watching what I eat, trying to up the intake of fluids. Thank you to all who have been praying for that this week.

So yeah, smooth sailing since last Thursday. Tomorrow the NorthBridge group arrives for a 10 day excursion to seriously explore partnering with Paradigma (our church here in Moscow) for a five year mission's exchange program. Its pretty sweet. Its cool to see a church stepping out and doing something with long term plans, but utilizing the benefits of short term missions trips. Props.

Funny news story of the day:
OTTAWA, Canada (Reuters) -- Canadian troops fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan have stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy -- almost impenetrable forests of marijuana plants 10 feet tall.
[read the whole article here]

Way to go Canadians. hahaha....


Friday, October 06, 2006

Adventures from the Metro.

So, one of my favorite things to do on the buses and metros here in Russia is to observe. I love to watch the crazy things people do, the nice things, the stupid things, and the admirable things people do.

Thanks to the guys who woke me up.

Read the whole post here. At my other blog. The one I started to keep a log of the funny things that happen while I am observing.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That baby is sooo... cute?

Brittany and Brooklyn
Brittany and Brooklyn
I am twice an uncle! Woot!

Born Thursday September 28th. 7 pounds 14 ounces, 21 inches long. She named her Brooklyn Nicole. Both are doing well. The baby has a lot of dark hair.

Brooklyn Nicole

Congrats to my sister on the newest addition!

Much Love!

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