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Sunday, January 29, 2006

To the author(s)

hi, i'm anonymous


Anonymous said...

just because you suck at relationships doesn't mean that you can disregard the feelings of those who you hurt along the way

1:13 PM

Have I really disregarded the feelings of others by posting something that had meaning to me? I have not had a significant relationship in nearly a year and a half because I am afraid of what sort of pain that might cause to another. Does that sound like someone who disregards the feelings of others?

To the author of this comment: I'm glad that you are here to continue the conversation, in a sense, that is what blogging is all about. But, I am saddened to see that you chose to hide behind a veil of anonyminity. I had a pretty good idea of who posted the first comment, and I addressed it with them personally. Is that disregarding the feelings of those along the way? I should think not. I simply did it discretely because it is something between me and that person, and no one else need be involved. Please understand that I am not attacking you, but I would appreciate a chance to respond to a person, not some anonymous void.

Because there is no middle ground between anonymous and registered blogger.com users, anonymous commenting is staying for now, and because I am not one to censor blogs or comments (except in the case of spam, which I dispise), you do not need to fear your comments being removed or censored. But, I would ask that you take responsiblity for your words, just a name and an email address...

(And Ken, at lease write Homestar as your name in the comment box. You're killin me smalls)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Emergent... and what that means?

I am attracted to the Emergent Church.

I openly admit that.

But, sometimes, I am lost in the vocabulary.
Sometimes, I am lost in the intellectualness.
Sometimes, I am lost in the spirituality.

But, that is ok to me. Not the fact that I am lost, the fact that I am searching.

My friend Jacob Bailey recently got to sit down with Brian McLaren, and some other Emergent people, and other smart religious types. You can read a little about his experience here.

Join the emergent conversation.

I know its late... But...

Death Cab for Cutie

... Its still Thursday.

I know its kinda cheating, but, I don't care.

This song has been the most played all week in my mp3 player. Death Cab For Cutie's Tiny Vessels its off of the 2003 release of Transatlanticism. I really would like the new album Plans, but, alas I am poor. Even better... "The 11 video companion to plans, Directions is here" (www.deathcabforcutie.com) Romantic relationships have been something I have avoided the last year and a half or so, this song (on a certain level) speaks to me about that. It describes where I have been before in dating relationships, and where I do not want to be again. I hope you enjoy my little offering.

Someone asked me over at my support page, moscova.blogspot.com, what direction if any I will be heading next in the course of my fundraising. The truth, right this second, is that I have no other course heading. I simply do not know what else to do. It sounds totally cliche, but, it will happen in God's timing. I will be sending out another round of support letters soon, and with this new round of letters I will be including some local churches, I plan to follow those letters up with phone calls within about a week.

If you would like to meet me and talk about Russia, Moscow, or missions in general, I would love to get together for lunch or dinner sometime. Shoot me an email. chrismwarren@gmail.com

ps: there is some formatting glitch that I missed during my recent shuffling of stuff, on some versions of Internet Explorer my page appears as 2 columns, instead of 3. So, the music will be below all of my entries... I should be able to sort this out in a day or so... [You should be using Firefox anyway... :)] But for now, I need to catch some sleep, someone has to get up to make the coffee... Come by and see a bright eyed Chris at Starbucks tomorrow, from 4:30am to 1pm.

Update (Jan 27 3:45pm) The formatting glitch is fixed. But, you should still get Mozilla's Firefox, and support open source software.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

End of the Spear

End of the Spear
End of the Spear
I saw a movie poster for this a while back, but didn't really register it. Then I got some email (from someone who forwards me a lot) and it talked about how distribution was extremely limited and widespread distribution would not be approved unless a certain number of people saw it this opening weekend. Then, I got invited by Stacy yesterday... In a comment no less... :)

Being a Christian, it was easy to know what the movie was going to be about. There was recently a documentary on TV called, Beyond the Gates of Splendor. Any Christian, who has interest in missions will know almost immediately what that is, and what its about. For those of you who don't, it will feel like you are missing out on some elitist club. Don't feel bad. I didn't know what is was about until about a year ago.

Beyond the Gates of Splendor was originally a book written by Elisabeth Elliot. Her husband Jim, was a Christian missionary in Ecuador, specifically to native tribes in remote areas. He and four other missionaries were killed by the Auca Indian Tribe in 1956. Here is a more comprehensive and concise history of Jim Elliot and the Auca's.

There has been a bit of controversy within the Christian community regarding the lead actor, Chad Allen. Mr. Allen is openly gay, even going so far as to defend the homosexual community on Larry King Live about a year ago, opposite John MacArthur. Christians, you are stupid if you refuse to see this film because of the sexual orientation of one of the lead actors. You should be praying for Chad Allen, he has certainly heard the gospel. Pray for him, don't alienate him and discredit excellent acting.

The film is mainly about Mincayani (Louie Leonardo) and his tribe the Waodoni, what happens after the killing of 5 missionaries, and what happened nearly 40 years later. The movie was well done, and moved me to tears at the end. This makes 3 movies even that have made my eyes wet. I think I am getting soft in my old age.

I think you should see this movie. It highlights the worst mankind can offer each other, and the best.

Links of note:

Friday, January 20, 2006

Thursday Tunes

Coldplay X&Y
So I have made an excutive decision. Well... a decision anyway. Thursday's will be my day to upload a new tune over there on the right. Where you say? Your last post says it was on the left. I know. But I changed my mind. Its my webpage after all.

I also loaded a new banner and a new picture over on the right. The old pictures were huge and took forever to download. If you ever viewed this page via dialup, I am sorry. The new banner is tiny in terms of size, plus... the text looks wayyyy better.

I will be sending out support letters again at the end of the month. If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please email me at chrismwarren@gmail.com. This time around I will also be launching the email version of the newsletter. So, send me a note, or a comment here.

Well... I thought I was going out of town, but now, I'm not. So give me a call if you want to chill, I will have today, Friday and Saturday off of work. Nice. Also, since I am not going to Flagstaff (or Houston for that matter), I gotta run and make it to class in an hour. And... I need a shower...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am such a tool.

Originally uploaded by Chris Warren.
School starts again today... And well... Lets just say... I was not the most studious since the end of last semester. I called Anya (a friend of mine from Russia, who now lives in Toronto) this weekend, and I stunk it up with my horrible Russian. Как ужасно!

I am such a tool. I have not paid for class. I do not have a car. And I need a haircut. Jeez.

... I have heard that some people cannot hear the song on the left. First, you have to push play... But, if it still doesn't work, leave me a comment or an email... I will fix it, but this is all new to me. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Well... A few more emails over to the nice support people over at GoDaddy.com and nothing more had happened. The final email I received from them blamed my ISP as the problem. I really felt like there was a "Is the computer plugged in?" type question that they never asked me. After I did some more poking around on my local network... I realized that I could access my server... Just not from my laptop. It turns out that the Windows Firewall was blocking me. Since I already have a much better and flexible firewall through my antivirus program. I simply disabled it [Windows Firewall] and was granted unabashed access to my server.

Enough with the nerd speak. Because I am supercool with access to my very own server space, I have placed an audio offering below the contact section on the left. I will try to update it once a week or so. If you come across a really cool band that you think I should check out, let me know by commenting.

Also, I loaded a small index page over at chriswarren.org yay.


Saturday, January 14, 2006

I am not as cool as you think.

Chris in the morning
Originally uploaded by Chris Warren.
Inspired by my buddy Jafro over at 4peregrinos.com, I decided that the picture of myself over there in my profile space didn't exactly capture the essense of who I am, and it is certainly way too cool.

Lucky for me, my friend Tommy snapped this little baby today while we were getting ready to rush off and start the day, at... 11:30am...

I am unshaven, unshowered, wrinkled shirt wearin, half closed eyes, teeth brushin dude who rolls out of bed at 11 or 12 on my days off. Ladies, my number is listed in the contact section... ;)


Originally uploaded by Chris Warren.
I've been wanting to register a domain name for a while, I actually want to build my own server and have everything self contained... But I am poor. Anyway, I took my first step in this process about a week and a half ago... I used GoDaddy.com, "The #1 ICANN registrar."

First of all, I think the whole thing is a racket organized by the Mafia. Not that particular website, but the whole domain name registration process in general. GoDaddy resides where most registration services do. $8.95 a year, and they have a bundle of free extras, like (of the most interest to me) ad supported hosting. I didn't want to do much by way of a server. Just put up a redirect page to www.chriswarren.blogspot.com, and have a place on the internet where I could host my own files, like photos, audio clips, and video clips.

I registered my new .org for two years, and opted for 'privacy' (+$1.95/yr) which means that if someone attempts to look up information about the person the domain is registered to, they get an arbitrary 3 party. They can contact this company, who will relay correspondence to me. I know, not many people are going to inquire about my site... But... It is the internet. Plus... I freely tell you who I am in my sidebar. It just helps me sleep better at night ok?

The reason that I think it is a racket of sorts is this. The ICANN (I have no idea what that stands for) only charges .25 cents a year to have a domain registered. But, unless you are a certified registration service, you do not have the authority to register a domain with ICANN. So then you pay for these inflated services from this 3rd party registrars. Stupid.

Registering and setting up my domain was very straightforward and simple. But... 9 days on... I still have not been able to access my host to load files onto it. I just sent my 6th email to the support department. They have been pretty helpful, but the issue is still not resolved. Also, one thing that bothers me is that It has always been a different name on the reply to me. With the last reply I received, It felt like he didn't even read the last email to me.

Whatever... I am just getting frustrated with it. I'm hungry... Maybe I will add more later.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Obituary Section

Chris' 1991 Geo Storm died this past Friday. After living a full life to 175,452 miles, the little Storm went out doing what it did best, going fast. Ok, so it wasn't a track car, but it was pretty quick. While keeping pace with Trevor's Dodge, a fatal knocking started coming from the engine at about 75 as I shifted into fifth gear. It limped home, but wasn't pretty. For the last four years, it has been pretty stable and reliable transportation for me. We went through 3 break-ins, 2 stolen stereos, moved to Dallas, TX and back, went through 4 girlfriends, and about 12 tires.

In lieu of flowers, please give money directly to Chris Warren, as he is now in dire need of another vehicle.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Stupid Church People
Originally uploaded by Chris Warren.
I like podcasts.



2 guys, pretty edgy, PG13... pretty freakin funny.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Ok, This is my New Years Gift to you.

A new layout, that I have been working on, I used one of the free templates that blogger offers, then I stripped it down and tried to learn as much as I could from it, and this is it rebuilt.

It is still not completely error free... but, it is a long way from when I started.

Here is something I have created.

Over the next few days/weeks, it will probably tweak some more and maybe revert back to the old code once or twice. Bear with me.

Please leave me some comment love with suggestions/criticism/ideas.

I heart you.

Happy freakin New Year.

Amanda... Thanks for allconsuming.net